What is iEthanol?

The European Industrial & Beverage Ethanol Association

Representing more than 60% of non-fuel ethanol producers active in the production of spirits, vinegars, printing inks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumes and disinfectants

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Our activities

Illicit import of ethanol

Combat market distortions by harmonising import and export standards

EU Trade Agreements

Try to protect the European industrial and beverage ethanol industries through discussions with the European institutions, Member States and other relevant stakeholders involved in the negociations

EU Generalized Scheme of Preferences

GSP + Pakistan

Promote the production of ethanol for industrial applications as safe and sustainable

Last activities

EU-Mercosur free trade agreement

The EU and the Mercosur agreed on free trade agreement with a provisional text published on 28th of June 2019.
It sets up a quota system for certain Mercosur products exported to the EU market including ethanol.
Our aim:
To protect the interest of European ethanol producers against future ethanol exports, particularly from Brazil.
Meet wit the various Directorates General in order to find the best possible compromise.
Last meeting:
Septembre 2019: DG Trade meeting
October 2019: Civil Society Meeting, DG Agri meeting

Swedish request to the Customs expert groupe

DG Taxud has received a request if examination of economic conditions from the Swedish Customs relates to import of synthetic ethanol (2207 10 00 90) processed to concentrated screen wash (3820 00 00 90).
Our aim:
Iethanol was opposing for two main reasons:

  • The 2018 Customs Expert group decided to refuse the renewal of a similar Inward Processing request (Dutch request).
  • The applicant supporting documents are misleading versus the reality on screen wash market and its economics and granting the request represents a risk for our industry.

Sent a position paper to the Commission
The request was rejected the 17th of Sept.

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