The Association

iEthanol, The European Industrial & Beverage Ethanol Association, is a Brussels-based trade association representing producers of ethanol for industrial use in Europe. It is a non-profit organisation and complies strictly with Belgian and European laws.


The Association acts as a focused voice for the European industrial ethanol sector, being produced by fermentation and /by hydration of ethylene. It is the only European association dedicated to non-fuel use of ethanol, a field of activities where there are many crucial issues ranging from customs and trade implications, classification, chemicals safety, and sustainable development.


iEthanol aspires to be the bridge between European, National and regional authorities and its members acting as a source of informations, datas, experience and know- how for ethanol production, uses and social issues.

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In line with the importance of ethanol to society, iEthanol’s mission is to:

  • Representing the interests of the industrial ethanol sector to European policy makers, National EU Members Governments and other industry groups in order to promote fair investment ground, sustainable production conditions, fair world wide competition and maintain a healthy European market for industrial ethanol.

  • Ensure fairness in trade and customs to support the above

The Association’s purpose is to act as a focused voice for the European industrial ethanol sector, for ethanol produced by both synthetic and agricultural means. It provides a forum for industrial ethanol producers to meet and discuss European and global developments of a legislative and political nature relating to the production, import-export, and use of ethanol.

It aims to ensure that the industry using ethanol for industrial purposes is governed by suitable and fair standards in terms of health and the environment, trade, customs, competition, and state aid.

It provides a platform for sharing specific information about industrial ethanol and promotes dialogue with all interested parties.