Join us at the leading global ethanol and biofuels event this November in Brussels or online from 2-4 Noember to connect with ethanol and biofuels stakeholders from five continents, and receive unrivalled insights into global trade dynamics, regional biofuel mandates, feedstock pricing, innovations in cellulosic/advanced biofuels, new production technologies and much more.

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Key topics for 2021:

The Global Market Place: Recovery is in sight!
Ongoing discussions about the European Green Deal, amendments to the RFS in the US, the impacts of RenovaBio on Brazil’s supply, India’s substantial expansion programme and China reopening up its markets will all take place against a backdrop of economic recovery from COVID-19.
Join the European Commission and hear their plans for biofuels in decarbonisation
Biofuels are playing an instrumental role within the European Commission’s Fit for 55 ambitions to accelerate the drive to carbon neutrality is not only key to the industry but to tackling climate change and reducing GHG emissions.
The implications at stake here are not only European but global and impact all types of biofuels. The 24th annual World Ethanol & Biofuels event opens by looking at this very issue as we work towards climate-neutral mobility by producing clean and efficient fuels.
New frontiers for biofuels:
Discuss the policies, commercialisation strategies and technical solutions needed to bring advanced biofuels production to scale. Hear fresh perspectives on the role of renewable diesel, transforming an ethanol plant into a carbon sink biorefinery, and how biofuels can be used to overcome decarbonisation challenges in shipping and aviation.
Hear from oil majors and ethanol producers:

Find out how the oil majors view the demand for transport fuels evolving, where biofuels fit in alongside other decarbonisation technologies for road transport and where they see the greatest investment potential.


Distillers Grains & Product Diversification Workshop
Join us on November 4th for the Distillers Grains & Co-Product Diversification Summit. Also available on our online platform, the summit provides information on co-product differentiation, new production technologies and the benefits of diversification for your plant’s carbon footprint.


Live and On-demand

Choose to attend World Ethanol & Biofuels live in Brussels or watch the sessions online and gain access to the on-demand library and interactive networking for a month.

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